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The National  
African American Catholic Youth & Young Adult Ministry Network

About Us


Our History

The National African American Catholic Youth & Young Adult Ministry Network(NAACYYAMN) was founded in 1986 by a group of youth ministers, diocesan youth staff, and directors of Black Catholic offices in response to the needs of African American youth ministers and youth. Since 1986, the network has provided a collective voice for African youth & young Adult Ministry on the diocesan level, regional and national levels. The Network is in contact through gathering and quarterly newsletter with circulation to over 200 youth and young adult ministers nationwide. Many of the dedicated youth ministers work as volunteers with thousands of youth throughout the country.

Our Mission

  • Calling  together African American Youth & Young Adult Ministers on a diocesan, regional and national level; NAACYYAMN sets as its mission:

  • To implement the youth and young adult components of the National Black Catholic Pastoral Plan.

  • To enhance the Professional Development of African American Catholic  Youth & Young Adult Ministers

  • To foster a support system for African American Youth Young Adult Ministers and nurture African American Youth

Our Objectives

  • To challenge, tailor and implement existing National Diocesan and Regional programs to meet the total needs of African American Youth & Young Adults as well as their lay and religious leaders

  • To faster and develop opportunities that

  • To faster and develop opportunities that promotes African American Catholic youth to achieve academic, cultural and spiritual growth.

  • To address the spiritual  and social needs of  African American youth & young adults through Evangelization and youth catehesis.

Meet our Board Members
M. Annette Turner


Jesse V. Johnson
Stephanie Henry
Vanessa Griffin Campbell


Vice President

Gyta Martin
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